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Sustainable Catalysis. Without Metals or Other Endangered Elements, Part 1 and 2 Edited by Michael North. Olga García Mancheño. Organic.
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ALL 32 English Publication Year. Display 1 - 20 from 32 results. Chemical Biotechnology and Bioengineering. Chemically promoted biotechnology and bioengineering is an emerging field seeking to improve the productivity of plant cell cultures using chemical elicitors, increasing yields of the secondary metabolites sought as a new source of chemical feedstocks.

This book introduces the reader to the field, presenting the theory behind the biotechnology of enzymatic reactions, and how they can be chemically enhanced. Special emphasis is given to green plant protection products, demonstrating the capabilities of this new technique.

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Read More. Price incl. Local courier delivery with tracking number or collect from 90 lockers islandwide. Add to My List. Added to Cart. Porous Carbon Materials from Sustainable Precursors. This book will provide a broad and detailed overview of the most significant approaches to porous carbon material synthesis, their applications and potential.

Let's take better care of our rare earth elements

The transformation of sustainable precursors via the two prominent approaches: Starbon R and Hydrothermal Carbonisation will be presented. Focusing on cutting-edge research and emerging areas, chapters will also cover applications of porous carbon materials in catalysis and separation science as well as in energy generation and storage. Moreover, the challenges of characterization of these materials and their commercialization will be explained by worldwide experts.

The content will be accessible and valu.. Wang, Rui. Catalysis is a fundamentally sustainable process which can be used to produce a wide range of chemicals and their intermediates. Focussing on those catalytic processes which offer the most sustainability, this two-part book explores recent developments in this field, as well as examining future challenges. Focussing on catalysis through non-endangered metals, chapters are dedicated to the most important sustainable metals in catalysis: titanium, iron and aluminium.

Remaining chapters examine several other important metals. Green aspects of the various reactions are also discussed, such as atom economy and use of green solvents and other reaction conditions. Special Order. Special Order items are usually fulfilled in weeks. Cannot combine other item s in one order. Green Materials from Plant Oils. Today, plant oils are important renewable raw materials for the chemical industry and are heavily used for surfactants, cosmetic products and lubricants.

This book covers the green chemistry of products and intermediates synthesised from plant oils.

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Photo-initiated polymerisation and polymerization of vegetable oils in environmental media are covered as well as click reactions to chemically modify vegetable oils. Useful products from plant oils such as polymers, biomaterials, biofibres and lubricants, as well as their further applications, are described. This book will be a valuable resource for researchers in academia and industry, biomass producers and supplie..

Jones, Leonie C. Pharmaceutical manufacturing was one of the first industries to recognize the importance of green chemistry, with pioneering work including green chemistry metrics and alternative solvents and reagents. Today, other topical factors also have to be taken into consideration, such as rapidly depleting resources, high energy costs and new legislation. This book addresses current challenges in modern green chemical technologies and sustainability thinking.

It encompasses a broad range of topics covered by the CHEM21 project - Europe's largest public-private partnership project which aims to develop a toolbox of sustainable technologies for green chemical intermediate.. Carbonyl compounds from the oxidation of primary and secondary alcohols are widely used as precursors and intermediates for many drugs, vitamins and fragrances. Traditional oxidants are toxic and release many by-products, and so the search for novel environmentally benign procedures for the oxidation of alcohols is a vital area of research.

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This book aims to give an overview of the aerobic oxidation of alcohols catalyzed by transition metals, and will cover the most important advances in the last fifteen years. Following an introductory chapter on homogeneous-, heterogeneous- and nano-catalysis, use of copper, ruthenium, palladium, gold, vanadium and iron will b.. Alternative Energy Sources for Green Chemistry. The use of alternative energy forms and transfer mechanisms is one of the key approaches of process intensification.

In recent years, significant amounts of research have been carried out in developing chemical processing technologies enhanced by plasma, electric and magnetic fields, electromagnetic and ultra-sound waves and high gravity fields. Discussing the broad impact of alternative energy transfer technologies on reactions, separations and materials synthesis, this book reports on recent breakthrough results in various application areas. It provides a comprehensive overview of the current developments in the field.

The book enables industrialists, academic.. Green Chemistry Series Set: There is much interest in biodegradable polymers for different uses and polyhydroxyalkanoates PHAs have potential applications in a broad range of areas from food packaging to biomedical applications. The book will provide a comprehensive overview of the recent accomplishments in the area of polyhydroxyalkanoates providing a resource that helps find solutions to both fundamental and applied problems. The book introduces polyhydroxyalkanoates including their biosynthesis, recovery and extraction followed by specific chapters on blends, composites and nanocomposites.

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The book finishes with the applications of the materials including additives in paints, adhesiv.. Sustainable Catalysis Set.

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Focussing on those catalytic processes which offer the most sustainability, this set of books explores recent developments in this field, as well as examining future challenges. Two of the books focus on catalysis through non-endangered metals and two look at catalysis without metals or other endangered elements.

Together these four volumes examine the progress in sustainable catalysis in all areas of.. Gerasimchuk, A. Fakhrutdinov, M. Medvedev, Y. Towards sustainable amino acid derived organocatalysts for asymmetric syn -aldol reactions. Sukhanova, I. Puchkin, A. Zlotin, Synthesis and stereochemical assignment of geraniol- and nerol-derived Cygerol enantiomers, Tetrahedron: Asymmetry , , 28 , doi: Zlotin, New achievements in the chemistry of N-acyliminium ions and their use in stereoselective organic synthesis, Russ.

Asymmetric Michael addition of aldehydes to maleimides in primary amine—based aqueous ionic liquid—supported recyclable catalytic system. Mendeleev Commun. Kucherenko, V. Lisnyak, A. Kostenko, S. Kochetkov, S. C2-Symmetric pyrrolidine-derived squaramides as recyclable organocatalysts for asymmetric Michael reactions. Sukhorukov, A. Sukhanova, S.

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Zhdankina, G. Inani, S.

How does the aluminium industry boost sustainability?

Ionic liquid supported 4-HO-Pro-Val derived organocatalysts for asymmetric aldol reactions in the presence of water. Sukhanova, Y. Zlotin, Asymmetric synthesis of 3-prenyl-substituted pyrrolidinones, Mendeleev Commun. Zavozin, N. Simirskaya, Y.