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On February 14, Laymon died of a massive heart attack, at age His death carried a particular poignancy because of late, after several years during which he couldn't find an American publisher even as his books climbed bestseller lists in England and Australia, he was enjoying a comeback here, with his current and backlist work being issued by Cemetery Dance and Leisure Books e.

Some of Laymon's problems with American publishers arose from the downturn in the horror market in the '90s; more came from what many considered excess sexual violence in his books. The poignancy of his death shades into irony because his first posthumous publication there are more to come not only features less of the sexual violence that in fact did mar some of his books but also highlights his tremendous strengths as a writer.

This is at once one of the eeriest, and one of most immediate, horror novels of recent decades.

Weird Fiction, Cosmic horror, and the Cthulhu Mythos

It details what befalls a lovesick young man as he wanders on successive nights through his college town. Ed Logan, 20, just ditched by his long-term girlfriend, takes a seven-mile walk late one night from his apartment to Dandi Doughnuts—the first steps in an odyssey that finds him mixing with a new girlfriend, cannibals "trolls" living underneath neighborhood bridges, a gay college student with the hots for Ed, violent or potentially violent sexual predators both male and female and, most memorably, a fellow night-traveler: an year-old homeless girl named Casey who teaches him to embrace the wonders and terrors of the night.

Oh, I know I can go out of the Game and lay low until it is finished. But… not really. The pull, it does not allow you to shy away. I do not know if the pull is the reason or the consequence of the gift but it does not allow you to close your eyes.

A Night in the Lonesome October

And you see and feel and know how much your actions or inactions affects it and everything in it. So… on a superficial level, I laughed my head off at the kids I saw tonight. And in reality… I do not know how I will survive this Game. There is no middle ground. For though my feeling for those who will suffer is great, the feeling for those who will suffer more if we do not act, is far greater. Jill stared at the wand that she held, and I could read the realization coming into her expression.

A single note, as of a crushed crystal goblet, filled the air. The stone was blank again. Abruptly, the wind ceased. The voices had already died away.

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And she was right. I turned and looked back in time to see the experiment man start down the southern slope, carrying the Count. Roger Zelazny was ahead of his time, people.

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I did some chores, visited some friends, talked to a witch. You know, everyday, normal stuff. There is still time but I am feeling good, for I have found most of what I need so far without unpleasant situations. Could it be that the things will be quiet? Yes, the things are finally getting interesting. Wel, there are no chases under the full moon or fights yet but the things are definitely getting complicated. The weird part is… the world is aware. I have met several people who are frighteningly familiar with our world and tasks. And, though I AM writing this blog with this reason in mind myself, it is unnerving, for somewhere information is definitely getting out.

And by the way it looks, it has been the case for a while. I wonder if someone is not using it to obtain patsies or genuine… or just the information leaks as it happens when ddifferent people with different people and vaguely under the same goal are acting.

A Night in the Lonesome October: An annual October ritual for fans

So… so far I am sure I have a tail of some sorts. I do not feel good about the idea of killing people, especially if they are not fully aware where they are dabbling into. I ordered five!

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The killer, dubbed Jack the Ripper, captured lurid headlines and the imagination of the public. Fictionalized versions of his story started appearing as early as October of , only a few weeks after the discovery of the first victim. Since then hundreds of stories have been….

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  4. Zelazny's quirky humor and Wilson's appropriately creepy drawings complement each other in grand style. There aren't many authors who would set out to write a novel in which the Wolfman and Jack the Ripper were the two heroes And I'm not sure anyone else could have made it work. An epistolary novel from Jack the Rippers dog Snuff with one diary entry for each night of the month of October, this story features major Gothic characters from the 19th-century — including Dracula, Sherlock Holmes, Victor Frankenstein, and the Wolf Man — along with their beloved animals, trying to piece together a frightful and ingenious puzzle that will decide the fate of the world.

    Roger Zelazny is best known as the author of the critically acclaimed Chronicles of Amber series. He wrote more than 40 novels and won the Nebula award three times and the Hugo award six times. Gahan Wilson is an award-winning author and cartoonist whose artwork has appeared in numerous publications, including National Lampoon , the New Yorker , and Playboy. Average customer rating 3.

    I know this book is well-loved by many, but I just cannot count myself among them. Did I hate this book? Did I like it? Not really.

    It's a book group book, so I read it, thanking my lucky stars that it was a quick read. The conceit is interesting but did not pull me in. Too clever, too cute.