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PDF | On Dec 20, , Jesper Gulddal and others published Anti-Americanism in European Literature.
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Anti-Americanism in European Literature should become obligatory reading for all academic humanists and it will be a both informative and entertaining read for the larger public as well.

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Anti-Americanism in Europe: Implications for U.S. Foreign Policy and Diplomacy

About this book Pursues the hypothesis that fictional literature has been instrumental in the development and dissemination of European anti-Americanism from the early s to today. Show all.

Markovits, University of Michigan and author of Uncouth Nation: Why Europe Dislikes America "No other feeling has created more divisions between cultures than the feeling of anti-Americanism, regardless of whether it was staged as 'friendly criticism' or visceral aggression against the 'hegemonic power. Ambiguous America Pages Gulddal, Jesper.

Anti-Americanism in European Literature

Before the Tribunal Pages Gulddal, Jesper. The book may be helpful as well in searching for explanations of anti-Americanism in other countries, because it deals with so many aspects of this phenomenon, ranging from the political to the cultural.

The ongoing discussions about globalization, American hegemony and September 11 and its aftermath have moved the debate about the export of American culture and cultural anti-Americanism to center stage of world politics. At such a time, it is crucial to understand the process of culture transfer and its effects on local societies and their attitudes toward the United States.

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This volume presents Germany as a case study of the impact of American culture throughout a period characterized by a totalitarian system, two unusually destructive wars, massive ethnic cleansing, and economic disaster. Drawing on examples from history, culture studies, film, radio, and the arts, the authors explore the political and cultural parameters of Americanization and anti-Americanism, as reflected in the reception and rejection of American popular culture and, more generally, in European-American relations in the "American Century. Chapter 2.

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The Anti-American Century

Chapter 5. From Nightmare to Model? Chapter 6.